Leads 2 Enlistment Challenge continues through end of September

CARSON CITY – The Leads to Enlistment Challenge is underway and will continue through the end of September. The challenge is simple and could result with a Soldier earning a trip to Hawaii (albeit to participate in Air Assault School).

The challenge is simple: Soldiers just scan the associated QR code on the accompanying graphic image and then record all the requisite information for a potential lead for the Nevada Army Guard Recruiting and Retention staff. Soldier-generated referrals leading to Nevada Army Guard enlistments will result in awards of tiered incentive prizes.


- One enlistment will lead to a recruiting promotional incentive and a certificate of achievement from Land Component Commander Col. Troy Armstrong. 

- Two enlistments will give the Soldier a personalized engraved award.

- A Soldier with three or more enlistments will receive a Recommendation for an Achievement Award from Armstrong.

The top lead generator will receive a Certificate of Achievement and personal recognition from Adjutant General Maj. Gen. Ondra Berry. The Soldier will also have the chance to attend Air Assault School in Hawaii.

The Leads 2 Enlistment Challenge will continue until Sept. 30. Any lingering questions: call 775-884-8430.