Community Relations

Community Relations Request Process

Community relations and outreach are two of the top priorities of the Nevada National Guard. Community relations requests include: Aviation flyovers and static displays, requests for military speakers, color guard requests and parade participation. (Military funeral honors expenses are not considered community relations or outreach and are funded separately.)


Army Guard Flyovers

Army Guard flyovers are possible at events with more than 5,000 attendees or at events with a strong tie with Patriotic holidays. Please fill out and forward a DD Form 2535 Request for Aerial Support 90 days in advance of the flyover date. Forward the competed request to:

Air Guard Flyovers

Air Guard flyover requests are approved by the Secretary of the Air Force; once approved, the Nevada Air Guard may fly the mission if aircraft are available. Please fill out requests for Air Force flyovers at:

Army Static Displays

Army static displays of aircraft may be arranged though the Public Affairs Office. Once again, please fill out and forward a DD Form 2535 Request for Aerial Support 90 days in advance of the display date. Forward the competed request to:

Color Guard

Color Guard requests must be associated with events that have a strong tie to the military and should be open to the public. Use DD Form 2536 Request for Non-aerial Support at least 90 days before the event to request a Color Guard. Use the same Form 2536 to request military speakers, parade participation and other types of ground support. Forward the competed request to:

All types of Army Guard requests (both aviation and non-aviation) must be made 90 days in advance of the event. For information on community relations support, call the Public Affairs Office at 775-887-7250.